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Out of Africa – Album Liner Notes

Introducing Aline Gahongayire

A Celebrated Rwandan Inspirational Singer

It’s virtually impossible to talk about multi-award winner Aline Gahongayire without acknowledging her artistic influence on an entire musical genre and the groundbreaking achievements she’s accomplished over the past decade. Blessed with one of the music industry’s greatest voices, Aline has crossed all stylistic, social barriers with her inspirational delivery and powerful music.

Aline’s American debut album, “Out Of Africa is a sacred album whose words you will probably not understand unless you speak the language of Rwanda — but please, Oh please, don’t let that stop you from being inspired by this wondrous voice, music and heart-a-plenty from Rwanda’s major talent and star, Aline Gahongayire.

You don’t have to understand the words to get the inspiration.  That’s a promise.

“What kind of music is it?” you may ask. We would answer that it has, at its root, the chants of Africa, but it goes far beyond that in its influences – India, Spain, American R&B & Pop and more. If pressed, we would simply call it Modern Africa – the root of the western world meets much of the rest of the world.

Read the Translated Lyrics and Listen to Song Samples

Click the “+” buttons below to reveal Lyrics with English Translations and Song Information

1. Nzaririmba Ishimwe – I Shall Sing Praises

2. Prelude

3. Urukundo – Love

4. Inanga / Iyo Nteruye Ndirimba – Inanga / When I Start Singing (Medley)

5. Araje – He Is Coming

6. Harimpanvu Pe – There Are Genuine Reasons To Praise

7. Uri Intwari Yesu – You Are A Hero Jesus

8. Reka Nkuvuge Imyato – Let Me Sing Proofs Of Your Feats

9. Nzanywe No Kugushima – I Am Coming To Thank You

10. Mpore – Hang On Mother

11. Nimuze – Come Please

12. Umukiza Wanjye Ariho – My Savior Is Alive

2 thoughts on “Out of Africa – Album Liner Notes

  1. Welcome Aline!
    A refreshing addition to the Watchfire Music artist roster and catalog, which is ever growing!
    This album is a beautiful body of work from the soul of a beautiful and talented artist!

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