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Remembering Siyahamba

Julia Wade
“Siyahamba” across the Globe

Back in 2009 at the Mother Church Annual Meeting, Julia Wade sang “Siyahamba”.

Throughout the Church, you can hear the joyous sounds of Clergy and congregation joining in. What is even more special though is how this music was captured and sung around the world.

What a beautiful labor of Love!”

It is truly an amazing feeling when we can touch hearts across continents with the gift of music and praise. Recently we received a beautiful letter from Deb Eastwood of Grenada, West Indies. She wanted to share with us a moment that touched her.

Letter Recently Recieved

“Hello, my name is Deb Eastwood and I teach a Sunday school class of about 8-10 kids (Five years – 12 years old) every week in Grenada, West Indies. Lately I’ve been teaching out of my home because of the coronavirus and it lets me have more access to other resources for the kids.

“I’m sure a lot of churches played hymn 460 on Sunday but I thought you might smile to know that I played the entire video that you did of the Mother Church Annual Meeting and other countries on Sunday and the kids loved it. In one of the countries there is a black man that starts marching with his arms and my kids started doing the same thing marching around my living room.

“It was precious.

“Thanks for all that you do for the movement and the gift of your music. Just wanted you to know that video continues to have ripple effects 9 years later.  

With love and appreciation,
Deb Eastwood, Grenada, West Indies.”

Deb’s Sweet Sunday School Students!

Sunday School Class sings Siyahamba in Grenada, West Indies

The human voice heard around the world in joyful song … smiling faces … dancing children … a unity of spirit!”

This video of Deb’s students marching and singing along made us remember again how important the “Siyahama” video was to so many people. Peter replied back to Deb with another letter below.

Excerpt from a Letter back to Deb from Peter Link

“Your letter has inspired Julia and me to put forth to our constituency that video again for new people who may have missed it or are new to CS or just want to revisit the experience that touched so many lives. 

“Thank you so much for your lovely letter to us regarding Siyahamba.  That entire experience was certainly one of the highlights of my life as I traveled around the world.  And so, I wrote about it in my blog, Sparks From The Fire.  I send you a link to a story I told that your Sunday School Class might enjoy about Chris, the little man who marched. The story of him is contained in the post I sent you regarding my trip to Cape Town, South Africa.”

Sparks from the Fire

Read the Entire 4-Part Series on The Making Of Siyahamba

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