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Scattershot Symphony Episode #16: No Vocals, No Lyrics, Just Music

Scattershot Symphony – The Music of Peter Link
A Podcast

Episode #16 – No Vocals, No Lyrics, Just Music

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View “Deep Waters” – Digital Liner Notes:

In this episode, Peter presents an instrumental suite from Julia Wade’s Deep Waters album. The Digital Liner Notes are full of the story of this beautiful, seafaring suite. It hearkens back to the tale of the Ancient Mariner. View these Liner Notes to get more insight into Peter’s musicalization of this story.

Episode 16 is an Exploration of Instrumental Music From Various Albums.

Take a deep dive into the masterful work of various genres of instrumental music recorded over the years.  If you’re a music listener, not just a person who uses music as a background energy in their life, but a real listener — one who sits down and dives into the experience, then this Episode is just for you.

The music is slammin’ and the stories told are both inspiring and educational.

We promise you here a rich musical experience!

Check it out!

No Vocals, No Lyrics, Just Music
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Listen to samples, view lyrics and click through to download. Thanks for listening!

  • Title: Ode To Joy Finale
  • Artist: Julia Wade, Margaret Dorn, Peter Link
  • Lyricist: Peter Link
  • Duration:
  • Sample:
  • Lyrics:

    Ode to Joy Finale
    New Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

    O life that maketh all things new
    The blooming earth
    The thoughts of men
    Our pilgrim feet
    Wet with thy dew
    In gladness hither turn again

    From hand to hand the greeting flows
    From eye to eye
    The signals run
    From heart to heart
    The bright hope glows
    The seekers of the light are one

    One in the freedom of the truth
    One in the joy
    Of paths untrod
    One in the heart's
    Perennial youth
    One in the larger thought of God

    The freer step the fuller breath
    The wide horizon's
    Grander view
    The sense of life
    That knows no death
    The Life that maketh all things new

    Father we thy loving children
    Lift our hearts in joy today
    Knowing well that Thou wilt keep us
    Ever in Thy blessed way
    Thou art love and Thou art wisdom
    Thou art life and Thou art all
    In Thy spirit living moving
    We shall neither faint nor fall

    In Thy house securely dwelling
    Where Thy children live to bless
    Seeing only Thy creation
    We can share Thy happiness
    Share Thy joy and spend it freely
    Loyal hearts can feel no fear
    We Thy children know thee Father
    Love and life forever near

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2 thoughts on “Scattershot Symphony Episode #16: No Vocals, No Lyrics, Just Music

  1. Very nice work, Peter! I’m so glad to visit the concert hall of your mind. I wholeheartedly recommend, to any and every one, give this a listen.
    And for God’s sake, TURN IT UP!!!

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