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Cedar Lane – Secular

Mindy Jostyn

Digital Download: $14.95
Mindy Jostyn
Mindy Jostyn
Album Duration:

Cedar Lane, (Palmetto Records) the latest recording from Mindy Jostyn, is a broad avenue whose course provides an effortless passage from one inspired locale to another. With a keen instinct for storytelling, the songs of Cedar Lane explore the themes of home, history, love and humor in a pop/folk, worldly-wise manner. These are the songs of a woman who started out just wanting to "play with the boys - " Now the boys want to play with her.

Modeling the spirit of this recording with the experience of her live performances, Mindy plays most of the instruments on the cd herself. This impressive list includes the violin, harmonica, mandolin, piano, accordion, guitar and vocals. Joining Mindy is Matt Balitsaris on electric and acoustic guitar, Paul Adamy on bass, Jeff Berman on drums and percussion, David Finck on string bass, and guest Tony Trishka on banjo.

Collaborator Jacob Brackman is co-lyricist with Mindy on Cedar Lane save the exceptional Billy Sherill tune "Too Far Gone." Prior to working with Mindy, Brackrnan's musical collaborators included Jerry Ragavoy, James Taylor, Dr. John, Steve Winwood and Carly Simon, with whom he wrote the hits "That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be" and "Haven't Got Time for the Pain, " and the libretto for the opera 'Romulus Hunt." His songs have also been recorded by Dionne Warwick, Sara Vaughan and Fred Astaire, among others. He was lyricist for the Broadway musical, "King of Hearts."

Described as an "explosion of talent", Mindy Jostyn's art is an unpresuming pleasure. Her ironic "Other Guy's Girls" starts out the record and showcases her remarkable prowess on the harmonica along with the irreverent and humorous "Trouble I Don't Need." " Calamity Jane" and "Cedar Lane" are stunning mid-tempo ballads that evoke and fix our attention on a distant time and faraway dreams. Echoes from great singer- songwriters and stylists who have had an influence on Jostyn (including Joni Mitchell, George Jones and Lorenna McKennitt) can be heard on the soul-searching love songs, "So Fragile",and "That Was Then" along with the jazz and blues infused "Looking for Jesus Again" and "I'll Thank You Some Day." With striking lyrics and inspired melodies, these songs linger -- long past the suburban lights on Cedar Lane.