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Different Light

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Different Light

You can’t find your star in the morning
Can’t fathom the sea from the shore
You can’t know a man from rumours
I don’t even hear them any more
And when no one stands up to defend you
And everyone seems to agree
Let them say what they want to against you
It really doesn’t matter to me
‘Cause I see you in a different light
From my view, there’s no wrong or right
So whatever you do, I know what’s inside
I see you in a different light
You’ve been places where they’ll never travel
You’ve seen colors that they’ll never see
You know secrets they’ll never unravel
I wish you would share them with me
And I’ll hold onto
Only what I know from knowing you
Only what I see from my own eyes
‘Cause that’s the light I see
Shining so bright
I see you shining so bright

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