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In The Secret Place

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‘…Leave your broken dreams, drop your load of care at the door of Truth, at the gate of prayer. Bring your childlike faith to His open arms, in the secret place nothing hurts or harms. You will be at peace, you will know His face, you will find your home in the secret place.’ Poem by William Aubert Luce.

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In the Secret Place
(Words by William Aubert Luce)
Music by Martin Broones

In the secret place,
In the heart of prayer,
There is always light
Shining ev’ry where.

You will learn to love
With a gentle grace
When you talk with God
In the secret place.

God is calling you
To this world of light,
Like a mother’s voice
Calling in the night.

Leave your broken dreams,
Drop your load of care
At the door of Truth,
At the gate of prayer.

Bring your child-like faith
To His open arms,
In the secret place
Nothing hurts or harms.

You will be at peace,
You will know His face,
You will find your home
In the secret place.

© 1989

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