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Balanced with tender harp accompaniment, the promise of victory resounds throughout this powerful piece.

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Music and Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal

In dens where roaring lions shred peace and harmony
With false accusations like the ancient Pharisees,
In the midst of condemnation, Christ defeats the guilty plea.
He silences the accuser and gives you victory.

Rise in the strength of the spirit. Resist the enemy.
Christ comes again as in ancient days to set the captives free.
Arise, shine, O child of God. Lift up your eyes to see
His power and glory as He gives you victory.

If your faith is tried by fire and thought, deceived by pain,
If you’re cast into the furnace when you won’t kneel to evil’s claim,
Turn to Him, you’re not alone, He walks with you today,
Even though you may see no way out, He always shows the way.


When Goliath comes against you in the war of rage and hate,
Our loving God protects you and seals the accuser’s fate.
You can not be a target if He is at your side.
Just one smooth stone of truth kill the giant lie.

Trust in Him, be not afraid, the battle is not your fight.
Set yourself. Bear witness the glory of His might!