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You Can’t Stand Up Alone

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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you can’t stand up alone
Words and music by Martha Carson
© 1958 Marpat Music

One of these days, I’m gonna take a vacation
By a quiet and a peaceful shore
I’m gonna cool my feet in those crystal waters
And I won’t have to work no more
‘Cause my burden has got so heavy
That I can’t stand up alone
I wanna lay my head down on one strong shoulder
‘Cause I can’t stand up alone

Well, you can’t stand up all by yourself
You can’t stand up alone
You need the touch of a mighty hand
You can’t stand up alone

And trouble, I have seen trouble
All around my door
Go away and leave me, Old Man Trouble
‘Cause I don’t want your trouble no more


And a voice came down like thunder
And a light all around me shone
Saying “Child, get up now, take hold of my hand
‘Cause you can’t stand up alone”


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