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Guide Me

Greg Granoff  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Steve Okwor’s poem filled with simple devotion and gratitude is given a tuneful setting with a distinctly Celtic feel.

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Guide Me

Poem: Guide Me
by Steve Okwor
music by Greg Granoff

Father God, I come to You as a child,
Lead me, my foolish ways do chide.
My heart longs for You, Lord, with You alone all good abides!

What would I be
Without my roots in Thee?
To act by might is vain without my Lord beside me!

Mother, Your Love is active and alive.
Comfort and enlighten my life!
Your gentleness leads me to Your perfect ways, free of any strife!

So shall the Truth, light of the noon,
Keep my steps steady and in tune,
As on the heavenly way my heart is fixed, and with God commune!

Copyright 2013 Steve Okwor
All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2013 Steve Okwor All Rights Reserved