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Give Them Wings To Fly

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Give Then Wings to Fly

I do believe that heaven sends angels from above
Sheltering the children God has given me to love
For nothing is as sacred as the caring of their souls
How I long to keep them safe wherever they may go

If I could I’d hide them in the warmth of my embrace
And let their world be filled with only innocence and grace
But if I gave them all the riches underneath the moon
Still my only place of hope is giving them to You

There will be broken dreams that I cannot repair
Silent tears my hands will never dry
Far beyond the reaches of my love I know You will be there
Father, hear their every cry
And give them wings to fly

Looking back I see the hand of God is always near
Angels weave their presence through a tapestry of years
The echoes of my mother’s prayers
have now become my plea
Covering my children with the grace that covers me


I have seen the way the world
can toss and turn a tender heart
So I’m trusting You to meet them where they are


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