Dear Friend,
Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

A message from Peter Link

Is it spring yet where you live? Can you feel it comin’? Are you about to burst with anticipation?

Well, we are! We’ve got a ton of new stuff comin’ atcha.

Let’s start with a miracle. Miracle Of Faith – A Trilogy is a new CD penned by yours truly along with lyricist, Dora Redman. This CD has been in the works for several years and is now to be released in early April. It also features 12-year old wunderkind, Noah Marlowe, and our fearless leader, Julia Wade. Think of it as a ‘musical of the imagination’ dealing with the classic story of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes. It takes 3 different points of view from three characters who were there – the boy who gave of his food, Thomas, the disciple and Mary Magdalene.

Later on in the month we will also release the first solo CD of one of our leading composers, Rebecca Minor. This is a more secular, but definitely Inspirational CD showing off not only the considerable writing and singing skills of this great talent, but also her production skills as well. Stay tuned for this one. It’s a beaut!

We’re also proud to welcome into the Watchfire Music family composer, Elizabeth Ragsdale. With her totally accessible writing and arranging style, Elizabeth brings a new twist to church solos – that of hymn medleys. Check out her and her wondrous work. She’s the real deal.

Here’s also another guy that we’re terribly proud to present to you – Ron Di Salvio – both a fine jazz and classical pianist as an artist and an inspired composer/arranger as a creator of digital sheet music. Guaranteed to freshen up your preludes, offertoriums and postludes on Sunday mornings, Ron brings a definite upgrade to our roster of fine musicians.

We’re especially proud of one of our own – WFM staff member and website creator, Nitya Thomas. Nitya graduated just a year ago this time from NYC’s Mannes School of Music and just last week won the position of Soloist at First Church Christ, Scientist, NYC! Just 5 blocks from Lincoln Center’s Metropolitan Opera, this church has historically featured many of the top vocalists in the world. Nitya and I are presently in the studios recording her first CD that will be released sometime in May. Nitya hails from Bangalore, India.

We also bring to you a raft of new sheet music from our growing stable of Inspirational composers. New music from Carolyn Kardinal, Arlene Pourroy and Jon Pourroy, Jay and Tessa Frost and yours truly. Opt into our weekly newsletters and we’ll keep you abreast of all the new music from WFM.

As I write, Watchfire New Media is finishing up a new website for a CS church in Murfreesborough, TN and this month should complete the websites for a CS church in London, Canada, and Third Church, New York City. We will also finish one for the Class of Ann Stewart. We’ll do a newsletter in the middle of the month that wil feature many of these beautiful new sites.

This month will also close the most successful crowd funding campaign managed by WNM for The Historic Jones Theater in Westcliffe, Colorado. This tiny mountain town serves a couple of hundred mile radius of folks and brings to them a multi-plex of all the arts – films, musicals, plays, concerts, dance and kids camps. We’re helping them stay open and stay warm by raising $ for new floors, new furnace and new insulation.

So much more to tell you, but so little room. You’ll just have to …

Stay tuned,

Peter Link
Creative Director


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  Miracle Of Faith – New CD – Available Now!
     An Orchestral Suite with Three Voices – Julia Wade, Peter Link, Noah Marlowe with Music and Lyrics by Peter Link and Dora Redman. The Miracle of the Two Fishes and Five Loaves of Bread set in a Musical of the Imagination on CD. Learn more!
  Congratulations to Nitya Thomas!
     We are thrilled to announce that WFM staff member Nitya Thomas, a graduate of NYC’s Mannes School of Music, has just been given the honor of being soloist at First Church Christ, Scientist, NYC. This church has historically featured many of the top vocalists around the world. Nitya, who hails from Bangalore, India, is currently in the studio with Peter Link recording her first CD, to be released sometime in May.
  New artist/composer Ron DiSalvio
     Ron DiSalvio is a modern day renaissance man, a jazz and classical pianist, a prolific composer, and a listener of all genres of music. Check out his wide variety of offerings, including CDs and sheet music on Ron's page.
  2 New Titles from Jon Pourroy!
     Through Samaria is the re-telling of the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well from John 4. The other side of the road is a narrative of the Good Samaritan.
  New Composer - Elizabeth Ragsdale!
     Elizabeth began studying piano over 60 years ago and furthered her music education at Illinois Wesleyan University. With their familiar melodies, distinctive treatments, and accessible scores, Elizabeth Ragsdale’s hymn medleys are comfort music for player and listener alike.
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  Peter Link – Now Blogging Again!
     He’s back at it! After a year’s hiatus, Peter Link returns again to writing his popular blog, Sparks From The Fire. Join him in exploring “All Things Inspirational.”

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  Learn More About Lew Doty!
     Here’s a lovely tribute to Watchfire Music artist Lew Doty, who says he doesn’t write his songs—“I’m just the first one to hear them.”
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     It would be hard to find anyone as dynamic as pianist Deborah Offenhauser —she’s a performer and teacher who has done everything from Broadway shows to playing at resorts to accompanying famous groups like The Four Lads, The Moody Blues and the Coasters. Check out her humorous and fascinating interview here….
  2nd Quarter Solo Thoughts Is Here!
Solo Thoughts      Get a head start on solos for your CS church services! 2nd Quarter 2014 Solo Thoughts has arrived! Get the whole quarter or individual months of April, May, and June 2014.
  Soul Music – the great communicator, by Very Rev. Logan Mcmenamie
     Have you ever thought about what makes a hit song? How some songs just connect with a lot of people. How somewhere in the music or lyrics a connection is made deep within not just a few people, but a lot of people? Read more.
  New Blog Post on 'Tending The Fire' - Interview With Simon Clark!
     Simon Clark is a British based composer, organist and pianist. He trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and now divides his time between composing and playing the organ at many churches of several denominations in London. Read Here!
  New Composer: Mel Atkey!
     Canadian-born Mel Atkey started writing musicals while he was still in high school in Vancouver, and has worked consistently in musical theater over the years with performances in New York, Chicago, and his adopted home, London. Atkey now offers us his talents as a composer of inspirational music.
  New Composer: Steve Mackenroth!
     Steve Mackenroth is a man of many hats! He has long been associated with musical theater as a composer, as well as being an actor, director, and a voice and diction teacher. Now Steve is lending his able talents to composing sacred and inspirational music. His thoughtful pieces capture the dramatic quality of his musical theater background, and his lyrics are both uplifting and inspiring.
  New Composer: April Brahinsky!
     April Brahinsky is a longtime pianist and teacher who has recently begun writing songs for the services at her church. She has had her own private studio since 1991, and her students have won first-place awards in various competitions. Her performing experience includes numerous solo and chamber music recitals, and she has been the accompanist for students performing throughout Texas and in Mexico.
  Check out our terrific new WFM artist Alan Curtis!
     Let this brand new, totally talented, amazing new guitarist/singer/composer/producer put some cheer in your heart and a smile on your face! Alan Curtis' new CD Playing the Grace Card is full of rich rhythms from around the world, and his lyrics are fun and uplifting.
  Just Released!
New Julia Wade CD: Wings

     Ready to take flight in the new year? Why not soar on the wings of music? Julia Wade's new 3 song CD presents three different studies of the search for inner peace. Enjoy the 3 fully orchestrated tracks produced and orchestrated by Peter Link.
  Solo Thought – Free Inspirational Song of the Week
     Each week you’ll receive in your email a WFM single song inspired by the sermon of the week. Listen any time, all week, for free. To sign up now. Just follow this link.
  Watchfire New Media – New WFM Division
     Find this whole cyber Internet social media world all a bit confusing ? We now help individuals, artists, start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their public identities and achieve their Internet marketing goals. Let us help you clarify this age of new media. Watchfire New Media






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