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Rosemary And Thyme – Podcast Series

An Ancient Tale of the 21st Century
A Story For The Ages
From Bluegrass to Broadway in 16 Episodes!

Meet the Cast of Rosemary And Thyme

With a cast of 19 New York actors, and music of the country, the great Southwest and beyond, we bring you Theater of The Imagination,  Radio, Re-imagined, a Podcast Musical in 16 Episodes!

Meet the all-star cast of New York actors from Broadway, television, the movies and beyond.  Over 16 episodes, Michael Tucker, Julia Wade, Steve Blanchard, and Judy McLane lead a cast of 19 actors featuring special guest appearances by Don Scardino, Wayne Duvall, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, Jenny Burton, and Terry Burrell.  Melvin Abston, Michelle Liu Coughlin and Martin Sola form a most special trio of characters.  Natalie Toro, Robert Montano, Jan Horvath, Patrick Jude, Carolee Goodgold and Emily Bindiger each bring further soulful and colorful characters to this Re-Imagining of The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Peter Link, composer and lyricist, CEO and Creative Director of Watchfire Music, wrote the music for Rosemary And Thyme. 

As a collaborator, he co-wrote the lyrics and book with distinguished playwright, poet and author, Ragan Courtney

Director, coach and teacher Ron Stetson brought his refined dramaturgy skill to the project and directed Rosemary And Thyme.

Get Details and Listen to Rosemary And Thyme Episodes

Listen to The Pilot Episode and take the first step of an epic journey through 16 episodes!

Revelation usually comes last … not in this story!

Thyme has a secret that no one wants to hear. Her best friend, Lizzie, totally rejects her explanation. The law says that you’re innocent until proven guilty. Why does that not apply here?

Thyme bravely faces Josiah with the truth. He doesn’t buy it. He wants her to get Psychiatric help. He thinks both Thyme and Gabe are looney. Gabriel reveals himself to Josiah magnificently. Josiah is abashed, but convinced.

Another otherworldly interruption leads us to the nearly empty church of Reverend Josiah Washburn, Sunday morning with only Thyme, Gabe and Mama in attendance. (No parishioners) So, a wedding is held where Minister Josiah marries a surprising couple.

The Visit of Bishop Emmanuel Goodspeed escalates our story to the point of murder.

Bishop Goodspeed leads the angry mob on to the church. Once there, they will take care of business and rid the town of local vermin. Some escape; some don’t.

And so, the three of them hitchhike on. Josiah has a vision for where to go. They get a ride from a trucker who drives them into the lap of a tornado. The trucker turns around, but there is no going back for our three travelers.

A carpenter and a cook help Morgan get back on his feet. They build him a new house with an indoor johnny. They are rewarded with wheels — The purple Chariot. Back on the road. Thyme has time to contemplate the future.

Thyme says, “I could jus’ drive an’ drive …” Like royalty they travel, Purple Chariot, Seeing the world, enjoying the feasts of life. More surprises lay in store up ahead!

Once again, on the edge of foolishness, Thyme and Josiah demonstrate their generosity. The beginnings of an off-beat family foreshadow much drama, a wealth of laughter, and a mighty struggle comin’ their way.

Too poor for a Motel Six, they buy 3 sleeping bags and decide to sleep in the open air of the desert. Because of the baby, Jose and Maria get the car and the rest get the bags. What ensues is a night of multiple passions and little rest.

Jose finds a new friend and fellow traveler in Ramon, who takes off the financial pressure and seems to be the answer to all of their prayers. But appearances are not always what they seem…

Another series of misfortunes befalls our little caravan, and they’re left struggling onward again. An unexpected blessing graces them, but despite the help they still have a ways to go.

All hope lost of walking 500 miles to California, our little family stands at the crossroads of their lives, seemingly destitute. But fate has a few more fascinating and otherworldly solutions comin’ their way in the form of three visitations.

As our tireless troupe nears their destination, their experience is imbued with an ineffable sense of wonder. Thyme gets her final reassurance, and finishes her journey.

Rosemary And Thyme is rated PG-13

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8 thoughts on “Rosemary And Thyme – Podcast Series

  1. Wow! I love this podcast! The story is so fun and engaging, the characters are so rich. Talk about talent! I like to really crank it up in my car and get swept away in the music and gorgeous voices. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    1. Hello Saratu, Thank you for your comment. We’d like to use your comment sometime in our promotions. Might you tell us what city and country you live in?

  2. I’m more of a visual person, but listening to Rosemary and Thyme made me laugh, sad and gave me food for thought. The music and vocals are delightful.
    What a great idea to do this. Bravo!!

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