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Catching Up With Rosemary And Thyme

Catching Up With Rosemary And Thyme

Produced by
Watchfire Music and Scattershot Symphony

A Note from Peter Link

On December 20, 2022 we posted Episode 16, the Final Episode marking a two and a half year project that was as graceful and so far successful as anything I’ve ever worked on.

Let’s start with the good news!

Here is an early report from our marketing team,
Jass Bianchi and Color In Sound.

“The marketing and advertising performance of Rosemary and Thyme is unbelievable. From the numbers below, you will see how quickly and steadily we are growing. One must have a solid product for the right audience to get these KPIs (Key Performance Indicator).” – Jass Bianchi, CEO, Color In Sound

The good news is that as of this writing, we are already in 124 countries around the world and just a couple hundred short of 10,000 downloads. In the world of Podcasting, the 10,000 download plateau is considered the magic number of early success. And now we shift our marketing to the Binge Worthy listeners around the world that eagerly await the experience.

  • December 20th – Final R&T Episode 16 posted
  • 2.9 Million People Reached
  • 1.5+ Million Post Engagements
  • 51% Engagement Rate (“This is fantastic!!!” ~Jass Bianchi)
  • 2,080+ Subscribers
  • 2.1K+ Facebook Likes
  • 124 Countries

Letters and comments from our listeners flood in every day.
Here’s a few of the hundreds:

“Quelle beauté!” ~Géorgine Nkana, Kinshasa, Congo

Wow! I love this podcast! The story is so fun and engaging, the characters are so rich. Talk about talent! I like to really crank it up in my car and get swept away in the music and gorgeous voices. Can’t wait for the next episode!” ~Tina Black, Los Angeles. CA

Michael Tucker
Judy McLane
Steve Blanchard
Julia Wade

“Wow, the first episode of your new podcast was a delight! It’s so sweet and fun and beautiful. I’m so looking forward to the upcoming episodes. The fiddling was really amazing!” ~Brent Nicholson Earle, NYC, NY

Don Scardino
Terry Burrell
Patrick Ryan Sullivan

“I just finished listening to the pilot of Rosemary and Thyme, and I think that You and Peter and the rest of the Cast are doing a Beautiful job with the characterizations, music, singing and acting. It reminds me of Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keeler, which my Beloved Ronald and I used to listen to every Saturday night. Your 2 years of work has produced something Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing with All of Us”! ~Lynda Findlay, Placerville, CA.

“What a gift to our ears! All the best, much joy and showers of blessings in this new incredible project!” ~Leide Lessa, Quincy, MA

Wayne Duvall
Natalie Toro
Robert Montano
Jenny Burton

“Thanks again for the Rosemary and Thyme podcasts. They are becoming a part of me.” ~Jonathon Eder, Boston, MA  

Michelle Liu Coughlin
Melvin Abston
Martin Sola

“It’s wonderful, informative, entertaining and done in a fun, real format. Congratulations!”  ~Sharon Steele Setterberg, Kennewick, WA

“Wow! That’s awesome!” ~Benyea Zipporah Flanzamaton Gibson, Monrovia, Liberia

Emily Bindiger
Jan Horvath
Patrick Jude
Carolee Goodgold

“A mighty achievement!
3 Cheers!” ~ Doni Hubbard, Palm Springs, CA

“I have loved the first four episodes of Rosemary and Thyme, a wonderful retelling of the Christ Jesus nativity story in the form of a modern second coming. The cast and music are amazing.” ~ Carol Petersen

NY Critic’s Review:

The incredible Peter Link, along with Ragan Courtney, and his merry band of very talented singers/performers have come up with a revolutionary retelling of the Christmas Story via musical podcast. … and if Episode 1 is any indication, you are in for a treat … You’re gonna love it!” ~Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

And from our Director:
“Congratulations, Peter. It is masterful … The production values are phenomenal. The atmospheric background sound, the timing, the editing, all of it. The script, music and cast are spectacular!  Julia is wonderful as Thyme.  Truly wonderful. It deserves to have a huge following. I have all the hope that it will find its audience …  and a continued life”.
  ~ Ron Stetson, White Haven PA 

Thank you for your vital part in our success!