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Rave Review for Scattershot Symphony!

Rave Review for WFM’s New Podcast
Scattershot Symphony – The Music of Peter Link

“Well, here’s a silver lining for 2020.

“The multi-talented composer/musician/singer/orchestrator/and amazingly prolific Peter Link has created a podcast of his music. So far there are three episodes of SCATTERSHOT SYMPHONY, with hopefully more to come in the near future. Link has an abundance of talent, and he is sharing it with us on these podcasts.

“Episode 1 – Songs I Always Wanted to Sing is a combination of Pop, Rock, Reggae, Gospel, Broadway, and Inspirational selections, all sung by Link. With a promise of 90% music and 10% stories of a lifetime, Link tells you the back story of the songs which he created, and the sincerity of a man singing his own words is powerful and poignant.

“Episode 2 – The World We Live In brings in other artists (any musical production that has songs from the Jenny Burton Experience automatically gets a gold star from me). If you’ve got a problem, Peter Link has a song to address it. Illness, racism, misogyny, immigration, bullying, politics, environment – bring it on! Link will put it to music and inspire you to become part of the solution.

“Episode 3 – Just For Laughs will bring a smile to your face. From songs about getting to Heaven to renderings from the Other Side, time traveling with Goliath, Julia Wade’s surprise secret girlfriend, and for the birds, your mood will lighten after listening. There are also a few songs For Kids Only.

“Sunday rituals are the consummate Me Time – bagels and cream cheese, brunch with Mimosas, sleeping in late, spiritual reflection, and whatever you do for personal fine tuning. Well, move over Traditions, and make room for another spirit booster – Episode 5 of Peter Link’s Scattershot Symphony – SACRED SUNDAY MORNING.

“Lyric-laden songs enhanced by the genius orchestration of Peter Link and executed by your favorite performers (Julia Wade, Jenny Burton, and Link himself) will overload your heart with joy and exultation. There’s a special sweet treat of Mindy Jostyn’s rollicking Child Of God complete with harmonica playing. This podcast is so great, why wait until Sunday? Every day can be a gift to yourself with SACRED SUNDAY MORNING.

“Luckily, there seems to be no end to the gifts of Peter Link, and he generously shares them with us. Enjoy!”

~Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey, NYC