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Cedar Lane

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Cedar Lane

I come from a town twelve miles from the city, call it
Anytown, USA
We had a two-story house on a half-acre lot
With a yard where the kids could play,
A dog and a toad and a parakeet
And a dad who rode the commuter train
Twice every day, five days a week
Back on Cedar Lane
With the brains of a child and the blood of a rebel
I stormed right through those times
I was reading Alan Ginsberg
I was drinking Boones Farm Wine
And I scorned all the fools who would never break free,
Those Readers Digest bourgeoisie
I saw through them, and they’d never see me
Back on Cedar Lane
Where the hedges grow in a nice neat row
The postmen always wave hello
And everybody knows the paper boy’s name
Back on Cedar Lane
So I hitched to the Coast, I got a tatoo
To remind me I was gonna change
Then I lost myself, then I found myself,
Then I lost myself again
In the basement rooms of the hip saloons,
I was dangerous, I was full of pain,
I was far from the Sunday afternoons
Back on Cedar Lane
Where the streets are safe even after dark
And every car has a place to park
And every lawn is well-maintained
Back on Cedar Lane
I don’t know exactly when it happened
I don’t know who’s to blame
Was it shortly after the wedding?
Was it just before the children came?
You know, kids need a yard they can play in
It’s just a mile from the house to the train
Next thing you know, I woke up one day………….
And I was back on Cedar Lane
Where the cars don’t drive above 15
And young love blooms at the Dairy Queen
And daisies peak through the window pane
Back on Cedar Lane
Back on Cedar Lane
I’m kind ‘a happy here on Cedar Lane……
I mean, what’s so great about pain, anyway? I think it’s over-rated…
It’s not actually that far from the city……
What is it? Like 20, 30, tops 35 minutes….. without traffic…….
I still get my hair cut in the city…..
And all my clothes, of course……
But there is this new Calvin Klein outlet that just opened at the mall….
Not that I go there myself……
Unless they’re having a really amazing sale…..
I’m back on Cedar Lane
Back on Cedar Lane
Back on Cedar Lane

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