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I’ll Thank You Someday

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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I’ll Thank You Someday

I’ll thank you someday
That’s what I try to believe
When all the tears fade away
When all the memories leave
So, now you found somebody to satisfy you
In some magical way I never quite could do
As for me, I’ll be okay –
Might even thank you someday
I’ll thank you someday
I don’t know how, where or when
Maybe years will pass away
Before you see me again
Lookin’ better than breakfast, hotter than sin
I’ll say, “honey, you were right, you know, it never could have been,
We’re happier this way” …
I’m gonna thank you someday
But in the meantime, nights are so long
I just dream I’m sleeping in your arms
Sometimes I wonder, how can I go on
Living on the moon, living without you
I couldn’t walk away
Though my heart always knew
You’d never really love me while I loved you so much
And there’d always be something that was never good enough
But don’t think twice, – it’s okay
I’m gonna thank you someday
In time I’ll find my way
And then I’ll thank you someday

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