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Trouble I Don’t Need

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Trouble I Don’t Need

He walks into the room like he was born to be seen
He’s got a scar over his left eye. He’s a fast girl’s dream
If I was watching him on TV, he’d be advertising jeans
Such fine-looking outlines behind those seams
And I’m thinking
How could this possibly proceed?
Where could this possibly lead?
What could this possibly be but trouble . . . I don’t need
And just when I know I should be gettin’ on home,
I hear him say,
“It near ’bout breaks my heart to see you sittin all alone”
And just when I plan to tell him I never fool around,
I hear myself say, “I’m sort of involved, but not married, you
know, not really tied down…..”
I’m thinking
Who could this possibly burn?
Why can’t I possibly learn?
What could this possibly be but trouble . . . I don’t need
Now you know the story ’bout the apple on the tree
My life is okay, but then there’s this snake talking to me
Hell, I’m just flirtin’, ain’t nobody gonna see
But just when I think I’m safe, he’s got his hand on my leg
and my
Phone number written on the back of his wrist
He’s talkin’ to me so close, another inch would be a kiss
One side of my brain is contemplating the sinew of his arms
The other side is clanging like a fire alarm
And I’m thinking,
How can I possibly stay,
How can I possibly leave,
And how can I possibly turn down trouble
I don’t need

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