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Rosemont Prelude

Deborah Offenhauser  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


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This soaring orchestrated prelude will open hearts to the inspiration pouring in through this music. It’s sure to set a comforting tone for all listeners!

The Rosemont Prelude is the product of an inspiring collaboration. Here’s the story: Author Barbara Hinske and Composer Deborah Offenhauser have been friends for years. Conversation over lunch drifted to the significant contribution theme music makes to screen presentations of fictional works. Think Downton Abbey, Jaws, The Godfather — you know what you’re going to see by the second measure. Deb decided that Barb’s Rosemont Series needed its own theme music and her spectacular composition can be heard and downloaded here.

As a gift to you, Barb and Deb offer a short, sweet version of Rosemont Prelude as a free giveaway to inspire your summer reading of
Barbara Hinske’s Coming To Rosemont.

Add the free Rosemont Prelude to your shopping cart below to get your free download gift. You can also purchase the full orchestral version as well!

To purchase and read Coming To Rosemont click here.

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