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“Someone’s Singing” Album Liner Notes

Chieli Minucci – “Someone’s Singing” – Album Liner Notes

“I’ve been eager to share some of my more gentle, understated playing and writing for some time now. For me, this project has a “spiritual” kind of peacefulness about it, understated, even a bit folky. I think you’ll enjoy it.

“Thank you to my longtime & dear friends, Peter Link and Julia Wade at Watchfire Music for this opportunity to share, with you all, some new music. Thanks and gratitude to the wonderful musicians who participated.” — Chieli Minucci

“Chieli Minucci is both an influential elder statesman and true innovator.”

– Jazziz Magazine

“A pioneer in the game…”
~Jazz Exodus

  “Minucci’s guitar playing is compelling throughout…”
– Jazz Scene

 “Haunting, healing, soothing, lovely, gorgeous, inspiring, masterfully played, and I could go on and on …” 
~Peter Link, Creative Director, Watchfire Music

 “Minucci’s Spanish guitar melted heartstrings…”

Chieli’s Song Descriptions

1. Someone’s Singing (Kumbaya)

Kumbaya is a song almost everyone seems to know, a memory from our childhoods deeply embedded in our hearts.  I remember it as a campfire song, back when I was in Troop 96, Boy Scouts, Forest Hills, NY.  Those scouting years set the stage for my first experiences as a young performing musician.  We made up our own words to this song of course, as I assume everyone else did!  The song’s origins are much older than most realize.  Here’s a version letting the guitars do all the singing.

2. Bright Sky                

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

The sun is shining, the wind is at your back, you’re whistling down the road. Maybe you’re riding a bicycle.  Yes, there really are days like this!  I’d originally planned to perform this piece as just solo guitar but as you can hear I ended up using a full musical ensemble while arranging and recording this melody~  Enjoy! 

3. Church

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

Originally written for a special concert I played in New York City. A simple meditation, Church was intended as an improvised performance composition – the three phrases were the framework for the creation of additional material, left completely up to the performers. Here is the original.

4. Dreaming Little Drummer Boy

(Katherine Kennicott Davis, Harry Simeone, Henry Onorati)

Children are fast asleep on Christmas Eve, dreaming of the kinds of things kids dream of – maybe riding in Santa’s sleigh, or perhaps watching toys being assembled in his workshop, or maybe just being gently rocked to sleep.  It’s all so quiet and mystical, the dream, and the awakening!

5. Forks in the Road

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

Almost a film soundtrack backdrop, I wanted to evoke the mood of the out-of-doors. Togetherness.  End of the day, kicking back by the fire, talking about the opportunities and choices in front of us, sharing our stories, having something to eat. 

6. Candlelight 

Chieli Minucci/Emanuel Kallins

Late night peace & quiet, light rain, almost time for bed. Two intimate guitars are whispering their good-nights.

7. Free Again

Chieli Music/Jinji Music (ASCAP)

This is the last composition I wrote with my late-partner from Special EFX, the great percussionist George Jinda.  His unique approach to rhythm was always a perfect match to my acoustic guitar style. Although the first section of this piece was written separately, the percussive part two was completely improvised as we recorded it.  Music is amazing like that, and in so many other ways!

8. Liminality

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

One door closes, another opens. You are in the hallway, in between. That’s life for all of us, one episode melding into another.  That is what is called a liminal place. I first heard this expression at a retreat weekend I attended years ago in beautiful Garrison, NY, along the Hudson River, where this word was used as the theme of the whole event. One thing is for sure, change is coming~

9. New Faith

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

Originally recorded in 1996 with bassist Jerry Brooks.  We have a long history of performing duets, similar to this one. Although easy on the ears, New Faith was one of the more intimate, and intricate pieces for us to play.   

10. Cup of Love

Chieli Minucci/Emanuel Kallins

Two guitars frolicking in the woods on a summer’s morning.  Returning to simplicity, these few chords evoke the innocence of childhood for me.

11. Your Spirit

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

Just a phrase or two, a gentle intro to..

12. Memories of Mother

Chieli Minucci/Chieli Music (ASCAP)

Written for Catherine Minucci, who besides being my sweet mom, has come to represent family honor and love for me.  Years ago, upon her passing, I made a silent pledge to try my best to facilitate peace and harmony in my own family. The daily keeping of that promise is a goal I still strive towards in all relationships.

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