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Sermons in Songs: The Sacred Solos of John F. Wilson

Liner Notes

A word from John F. Wilson on his album

I grew up and now live in England, but I spent nearly 30 years as a government lawyer in many parts of the world, mostly in Commonwealth island countries and in Hong Kong.  My music was written over a period of 40 years and the main body of it consists of solos for use in church services. They were originally published as ‘Sermons in Song’, a title derived from a phrase by Mary Baker Eddy: “Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love - be it song, sermon, or Science - blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ’s table …” It also echoes the line from Shakespeare, “Sermons in stones, and good in everything.”  

These 14 solos are a representative selection of my sacred songs, in a range of styles for various vocal types. They include influences from China  and English folk idiom. ‘Christmas Gifts’ is based on a Chinese hymn tune.  ‘Don’t teach the children to hate’ was written as a response to the events of 9/11/01. ‘Mother’s New Year Gift’ was inspired by the setting of ‘Father-Mother God, loving me’ by Martin Broones. ‘Rest’ was written in the same style as the well-loved hymn O Dreamer’.

Many of these songs have been sung in worship services around the world and I hope this recording will bring blessings in church, in the home, or wherever it is played. 

I am grateful to Watchfire Music for producing this, my first CD album, and to the artists for the care they have taken to bring out the healing potential of my music. – John F. Wilson

Soloists on Sermons In Song

Julia Wade

Julia Wade served for 7 years as the soloist of, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Mass., USA and is presently working on her 15th album and performing the leading role in a new episodic podcast musical

Leon Williams

On Broadway, Leon Williams has performed both leading roles of Coalhouse Walker Jr. and Booker T. Washington in the original Broadway cast of the hit musical Ragtime.

Josh Henn

Josh Henn has released 5 very successful albums of sacred music and currently serves as the soloist of The Mother Church.

Judy McLane

Judy McLane starred in over 4000 performances on Broadway in Mamma Mia! making her the longest running lead in Mamma Mia! History.

Album Credits

Pianist: Don Rebic
CD Design: Renee Gannon
Cover Photograph: Robin Palmer
Mastered by Philip Klum Mastering, NYC

Song Credits

‘Love’s Leading‘ – Words by Robert Ellis Key
‘Because I Have Loved God’s Law’ – Words by Peter J Henniker-Heaton

‘Rest’ – Words by Rosa M Turner

‘As The Robin Greets The Spring’ – Words by Louise Wheatley Cook Hovnanian*

Soul’s Art Healing You’ – Words by Godfrey John*

‘Christmas Gifts’ – Words by Neil Stanford*

*used by permission of the Christian Science Publishing Society

The words to ‘Christ my Refuge’, ‘Extempore’, ‘Mother’s New Year Gift’, and ‘Satisfied’ used courtesy of The Mary Baker Eddy Collection