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Scattershot Symphony Episode #28: The River – Part Two

Scattershot Symphony Podcast
Series 1

Episode #28: The River – Part Two

Episode #28: The River – Part Two

Part Two

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About The River

The River — A Musical Revelation, concept by Peter Link and William Spencer Reilly, Music and Lyrics by Yours Truly opened in New York at Off-Broadway’s Promenade Theater in January of 1988 to rave reviews by 23 of the 25 major critics who attended.

 New York City, 76th and Broadway – Promenade Theater Production

Included in that was a rave from the New York Times, the all important hit maker, who stated,

“The River is, in fact, a celebration, that is directly communicated from the performers to the audience. It is an abundant musical evening. It moves on to an even greater affirmation of the spirit of man. Join in the celebration! Join in the exaltation!”

This is Part Two (of 3). Listen to the spectacular closing night of the Theatrical Concert in its entirety!

The Men – From left to right – Danny Madden, Ray Stevens, Lawrence Hamilton
Back ground – Jenny Burton

The Women – L to R – Stephanie James, Valerie Eley,
Jenny Burton, Carol Dennis

Danny Madden

Danny Madden, Carol Dennis, Ray Stevens, Stephanie James

Jenny Burton and Company – Don’t It Feel Good

Over The Edge

Let the Credits Roll!

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2 thoughts on “Scattershot Symphony Episode #28: The River – Part Two

  1. I was a part of this cast, but I must say listening to this show tonight, after all this time floored me! Often we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s in the past or gone. I am so grateful that this show lives on in this wonderful music podcast format, so that the amazing talents of the cast and its creator, Peter Link can be experienced today!

    1. Thanks, Jenny, for your continued support. With the tremendous reviews that you personally received in this show, I dare say, if the show had been the Box Office hit that it should have been, it would certainly have changed the course of your life.

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