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Archives: Artists

Kim Richmond

Although Kim Richmond is primarily known as a jazz saxophonist, his original, and very much studied, classical instrument is the clarinet. Based in Los Angeles, he works as a freelance musician, doing studio work, shows, concerts, clubs and other venues.…

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John Jones

The spiritual songs of John Jones have almost all been strictly written using the King James Bible, with engaging juxtapositions of quotations from various books. He covers a broad spectrum of genres, from playful to serious, from classical to country. His melodies are memorable, giving the messages a modern freshness.

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Jon Goldenthal

y soldiers at a very young age. Jon took lessons for Piano with various instructors who could never overcome his inattentiveness and distracted nature. But that never stopped him from writing and singing and playing music. He was raised to be aware of the cultural, political and critical issues that surrounded us all in the 1960’s. He can’t completely separate himself from those issues that seem to still plague us still. They are part of his Bio and reflect who Jon has become and the music he writes.

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Emily Bindiger

Emily Bindiger is a NY singer who has performed on hundreds of recordings, including commercials, movie soundtracks, industrials and records, as well as concert stages worldwide. She started out as a teenager playing clubs in Greenwich Village, then moved to…

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Denise K. Eikum

With over 40 years as a professional pianist/organist and a lifelong relationship with sacred music, Denise has found enjoyment in honoring extraordinary and compassionate Christian text. Her compositions have been performed at churches throughout the United States. She hopes others are able to use her music to glorify God.

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Aline Gahongayire

Aline Gahongayire is a multi-award winning and nominated Rwandan gospel music recording artist with 7 albums on her chart. Born and raised in a Christian family, she joined her church choir at 8 and released her first solo song at…

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Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard is from a small town in Southern Maryland, and after attending the University of Maryland, made the actor’s journey to Broadway appearing in The Three Musketeers, Camelot with Robert Goulet, and Beauty and the Beast.

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Paul Kirby

Paul H. Kirby writes music that is meaningful and accessible, but nevertheless original. He has found expression in classical symphonies and chamber music, as well as musical theatre and religious songs.

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Lorna Kelly

Lorna grew up in Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia, and despite living in untamed countryside her family had access to 78 RPM records, from which her inspiration and love of singing took root. She and her two sisters all loved to sing and performed as The Gray Sisters for many events, often being likened to The Andrew Sisters. She discovered Christian Science in 1966 and it changed her life and perceptions. In time she raised a family of four in Rhodesia and during the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe she was sought after as a soloist in many genres.

Lorna has sung solos in Christian Science Churches in South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Principia Chapel, and other churches in Africa, the USA, and the UK. She was classically trained in the Bel Canto tradition and has five decades of solo singing in a wide variety of styles and languages. She also had a thriving studio for nurturing local talent, many of whom are on the international circuit. She retired to The Lake District in 2016 where she is a member and Second Reader of Windermere Church. She also sings and plays the piano/organ in Kendal Church once a month.

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Carole Baldwin

Soloist Carole Baldwin performs Ruth Lambert’s songs, which you can hear in the “More Details” section of any Vocal Solo.

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