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4 Ways to Present Perfect Music In Church

WFM Flyer – 4.28.21

4 ways to present music 4.28.21 + tutorial View this email in your browser


4 Ways

To Present Perfect Music For Your Church Services!

1. Find2. Choose 3. Perform 4. Play

And as added bonus, watch our Video Tutorial
with Julia Wade, Solo Thoughts Managing Editor!

Just click the image below!


And Now …

1. Find

Solo Thoughts Subscriptions

Solo Thoughts (Sheet Music) is a Comprehensive Online Research Tool for Soloists, Instrumentalists & Music Committees in CS Churches.
Plan ahead with sheet music titles matched to the Weekly Bible Lessons — right at your fingertips!


Solo Thoughts Select (Audio) is a powerful Research Tool for planning inspiring recorded music for your church services and special events. It matches music to the CS Weekly Bible Lessons for your Sunday church Services and more.


2. Choose

With Solo Thoughts Subscriptions,
we promise you a consciously curated set of lists
to ignite your imagination,
enabling you to make the right choice
for the church you serve.


3. Perform

Digital Sheet Music

Discover Featured Solos and New Arrangements
from these WFM Composers


4 New Titles from John F. Wilson

Because I Have Loved God’s Law
Love’s Leading
The Reign of Divine Truth, Life and Love
The Secret Place Of The Most High


1 New Titles from Brett Allen

Psalm 23


1 New Title from John William Gordon

The Spirit of the Lord God Is Upon Me


2 New Titles from Carolyn Kardinal

God’s Kingdom Within
Innocent Child


2 New Titles from Greg Granoff

Let’s Share the Light
The Good Shepherd


2 New Titles from Jennifer Nubel

O Gentle Presence
Shepherd, Show Me How to Go


3 New Titles from Elizabeth Ragsdale

Gather ‘Round
Nothing Less


6 New Titles from Paul Kirby

Blest Christmas Morn
Let Us Love One Another
Psalm 95
Shepherd, Show Me How to Go
The Lord’s Prayer


7 New Titles from Lea Schmidt-Rogers

Vocal Solos
Let This Mind Be In You

The Wise

Keyboard Preludes and Postludes
For Everything There is a Season

Land of Rest
Quelle est cette odeur agréable


48 New Settings to the Psalms

from Daniel Burton

(but here’s just the first 10!)

Psalm 1 – Blessed Is the Man
Psalm 8 – O Lord, Our Lord, How Excellent Is Your Name
Psalm 9 – I Will Praise You with My Whole Heart
Psalm 11 – Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain
Psalm 18 – The Lord Is My Rock
Psalm 19 – The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
Psalm 20 – The Lord Hear You in the Day of Trouble
Psalm 23 – The Lord Is My Shepherd
Psalm 24 – The Earth Is the Lord’s
Psalm 25 Unto You, O Lord, Do I Lift Up My Soul


4. Play

Vocal Recordings


Jay and Tessa Frost Josh Henn
Leon Williams
Lorna Kelly
Margaret Imrie Nitya Thomas
Osceola Davis Songs of Martin Broones


Instrumental Recordings

The WFM Church Music Recording Collection

Calm and Prayerful Energies of Soul Joyful and Rousing


There Ya’ Have It!

4 Ways
to Present Perfect Music
for Your Church Services!

Your trusted destination for Inspirational Music


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